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Girona, chosen at the end of the year as one of the top gastronomic destinations. Taking various factors into account, ranging from number of Michelin stars to the accessibility and prices of street food ….

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After the first six editions, which were held in Figueres, the Golden Elephant International Circus Festival is moving to Girona for its seventh e…. The Girona Conference Centre has begun the year with an international event that will bring together more than participants of 70 nationalities, mainly from the USA: the Open …. Next summer, Ryanair will be adding two new destinations to the 39 it already offers from Girona-Costa Brava Airport. This will mean two new weekly fligh…. From 21 to 24 September, Girona was present at Unibike, the 4th edition of this international bicycle show held in Madrid.

The Girona Flower Time exhibition has closed a new edition marked by huge crowds of visitors and an increase in the number of overnight stays in th….

The Easter Week programme of activities in Girona includes musical performances, the traditional Holy Burial procession and the Manaies parade. Girona consolidates itself as a year-round tourist attraction with a On 27, 28 and 29 January Girona10 returns in a new edition with more than hotel and restaurant places and new suggestions for 10 e…. British newspaper the Daily Mail includes Girona in its ten hottest travel spots for The well-known newspaper the Daily Mail, with a print run of 1. The Giang brothers set a new Guinness world record on the steps of Girona Cathedral.

Girona was the setting for a spectacular feat that made it into the Guinness World Records: climbing the 90 steps of t…. On 31 December the 12th edition of the Girona Sant Silvestre race will take place and, for children, there will also be the Mini Sant Silvestre. The Sea Otter festival, the biggest in the world in the cycling sector, arrives in Girona in the spring of Prompted by the popularity it has gained due to the latest season of the series, the city is launching new guided tours of filming locations, starting on 11 ….

Tourists from outside Catalonia increased by 3. The new guide to summer activities is now available from the city's tourist offices, ensuring that nobody misses the fes…. The display at Casa Pastors details the different roles Girona has played from the early days of cinema right up to Game of Thron…. From 7 to 15 May, visitors enjoyed floral projects spread over of the city's most emblematic spaces.

Self-determination and emancipation. Building a New Catalonia. Self-determination and emancipation Self-determination and emancipation This book bringstogether the political strategies and aspirations of the anti-capitalist, feminist and socialist movement for self-determination in Catalonia. Info Adicional Building a New Catalonia. By preference, vinegar can also be added as a marinade ingredient.

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Mexican adobo, on the other hand, makes use of chillies, garlic, cinnamon, and oregano as marinade. Both dishes look and taste different. It will be unfair to compare which among the two dishes are best because each of us has our own preference when it comes to flavor. The Philippines is composed of composed of many islands. It was initially estimated to be around 7, At present, the count rose to 7, Each of these islands belong to a cluster, which are divided into regions.

Almost every region in the Philippines have their own pork adobo version. Sometimes, there can be more than one version in a location.

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The Basic Pork Adobo version is what you see in the recipe below. There are also similar versions with additional ingredients. Pork and Chicken Adobo is perhaps one of the favorite when it comes to family picnics. This is a dish wherein pork and chicken slices are combined and cooked inadobo style. It can be done the same way as this recipe, with or without onions. This is our clans signature summer dish in the Philippines.

We would go to Pansol in Laguna to rent a swimming pool for the clan and they would bring with them two large cauldrons kaldero. One has the adobo in it, while the other is for the rice. Pork Adobo with Potato is another version that I tried. This is a saucier pork adobo version with cubes of potatoes in it.

It might have been initially created as a filler to feed more people. Nevertheless, I liked the taste. I think that it can be improved by pan-frying the potato first. Most of the flavors gets absorbed by the potato. It can be a carbohydrate overload when you eat the potato with rice. This is a good dish to have when before going to the gym or before starting a marathon. This is my favorite.

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There are two ways to make it. Both ways require boiling the eggs beforehand. The first version is cooked by adding boiled eggs once the pork gets tender. The eggs absorb the soy sauce, thus becomes darker in color. Be cautious about the time when cooking this way. How can we tell if an egg is overcooked? It is simple. Egg yolk contain iron.

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When eggs are cooked longer than the usual, the iron turns greenish. This color formation happens between the yolk and egg white.

We often refer to this as rings. Slice the boiled egg in half and try to examine the color of the outer yolk.

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When you see a dark ring around it, that means the egg is overcooked. The other version of the adobo with egg is easier and does not put the eggs at risk of overcooking unless it was overcooked during the boiling process. Simply add boiled eggs on the serving plate before serving. The eggs also retains its white color. Pork Adobo with Tofu is a protein-rich adobo version. This is perfect for people who like their adobo mild in flavor. This version requires fried tofu. Always use extra firm tofu when making this. You can purchase raw tofu and fry it, or you can get packaged fried tofu from the supermarket.

The tofu absorbs most of the sauce in the process which tones down the flavor a bit. This is a good dish to prepare when you are into body building or into a protein-rich diet. Make sure to use lean cuts of pork though. A favorite among our group of friends who like to drink beer is Spicy Pork Adobo. This is the perfect pulutan as far as I am concerned. The spicier it gets, the better it becomes. I tried making this dish using the former spiciest chili pepper in the world, Bhut Jolokia It lost its crown to the Carolina Reaper, which is way spicier. The result was a very delicious and extremely spicy adobo.