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And as an incurable plague attacks all inhabited planets but this one, the prairie-like Grass begins to reveal these secrets -- and nothing will ever be the same again A plague is ravaging the religion-dominated human empire - except for planet Grass, where the vegetation consists exclusively of.

So the authorities decide to send a clandestine investigator, Marjorie Westriding Yrarier, and her family. After a long, difficult, and personally costly investigation, Marjorie determines the facts. Grass, it emerges, is home to an alien species that has two phases: the vicious, animal-like Hippae; and the gentle, civilized "foxen.

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Previously, the Hippae had defeated another alien race of would-be colonists, and thus hoped to defeat galactic humanity by sending forth the same disease that devastated the aliens thanks to a biochemical oddity, the humans of Grass are immune. Only when the activities of the Hippae provoke the humans to open warfare is the alien plot revealed.

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Imaginative and well worked out, but overstuffed, poorly peopled, and too long by half. Kirkus Reviews. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join.

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Grass S. Masterworks By: Sheri S.

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Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! The Redemption Of Time. Waste Tide.

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That sounded a bit, well, dull. How wrong I was.

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The novel is set in a future where the earth has become overstretched, and is dominated by a ruthless religious cult. Humanity has spread to other worlds, including Grass. A plague threatens all worlds, except Grass, where for unknown reasons it does not take hold. Earth sends an ambassador and his family to try to find out more. I loved the start of the book.

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There is a great sense of dread as a group of aristocrats set out on a hunt. Something is badly wrong with the whole picture, and it takes much of the rest of the book to tell you what and why. I have not read any other Tepper books, but was impressed by the style and delivery of this one.

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The world-building is detailed and beautifully unravelled bit by bit.