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Over the weekend of 20th and 21st October I made some observations on Lancing beach which I needed to research before posting on this site. At that time I was monitoring Large White larvae in the wild which were feeding on Sea-kale Crambe maritima on the shingle beach. The plants can grow to within a few metres of the high water mark, but those used by the larvae were tucked-up against a south-facing wooden shingle barrier.

Whilst searching for pupae on the wooden barrier on 19th October I located a larva at rest and seemingly preparing to pupate.

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However, the following day it was clear that it had been parasitised, as 4 grubs of the Braconid wasp Cotesia glomerata were emerging from its body. These wasps lay multiple eggs into the bodies of young larvae and after the eggs have hatched the wasp grubs feed on the tissues of the living larva. They avoid the vital organs, keeping it alive until it is fully grown at which time they break through its skin.

The caterpillar will die immediately or soon afterwards and the wasp grubs then spin yellow cocoons nearby from which the adult wasps will emerge 7 to 10 days later. On the morning of 21st October there were 4 cocoons alongside the caterpillar. By the afternoon one cocoon had fallen away and another wasp grub was emerging from the body of the caterpillar. However there were also 2 adult wasps present with their ovipositors inserted into the cocoons, and these were soon joined by another wasp which, although larger, was probably of the same species.

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The most likely explanation is that these wasps were using the first parasites as hosts for their own young. These are known as secondary hyperparasitoids, the most obvious candidate in this case being the Ichneumon wasp Lysibia nana which is well documented as parasitising Cotesia glomerata. Then it was back to Tutts Farm nr Chailey to finish off searching the rest of south facing hedge where id found 3x BH eggs last sunday.

Between 2. Peter farrant.

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I returned to Southwick this morning. The Clouded Yellows were less active in the cooler conditions of today, and spent much time basking and nectaring. A nice surprise came in the form of a fairly fresh Common Blue. It was good to meet John Heys at Southwick, and put a face to a name.

There were 2 Red Admirals in Wish Park on the nettles behind our house at around I walked west to east from the Schooner Inn? A further Red Admiral appeared by the advertising hoarding at the trafffic lights. It was about 1. There were at least half a dozen Red Admirals in my garden all day yesterday, feasting on Ivy. Philip Booker. The butterfly season keeps on going! Steve Wheatley. With the weather being so warm this afternoon I managed to get out for a short spell to see what was about at Tidemills. The site appeared to be largely devoid of life. On the way back into Seaford I saw four Clouded Yellows on the roadside Embankment and one even came within range of my lens.

With the weather set to turn cold at the weekend this is might well be my last Butterfly photo of ? Eastbourne today with the granddaughter, as the Sovereign Centre pool has a wave machine. Although we also spent quite a bit of time in the sunshine between there and the Redoubt, all the butterflies we saw were at the Princes Park Wartling Road children's play area where it's quite sheltered.

There were at least 3 maybe 4 Red Admirals , at least 1 maybe 2 Clouded Yellows looking amazingly like the fallen leaves and 2 whites, one of which was probably a Large White.

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More footballers I wonder if Tottenham's Eric Dier could be a Monarch? I went to Southwick this morning and bumped into Paul and later Trevor. The highlight was Paul finding 2 Clouded Yellow Eggs. Up to 12 Clouded Yellow at Southwick today.

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Mark Jones. On the previously discussed topic "footballers-as-butterflies", surely Anthony Knockaert would be a Panthonus Cattleheart? A straight red card? Oh, come on ref Quite sunny at the Bluebell Railway, but fairly cool too. We only saw two butterflies. Val caught a brief glimpse of a white from the train and earlier we all saw a Red Admiral as we were sitting outside at the good but underused play area by Kingscote Station.

It could be somewhere in the picture attached. There's a small but even better indoor play area in the restored elephant coach at Horsted Keynes station. I got the date wrong on my last posting - it should have started "Yesterday, 22 October From platform 2 at Portslade station it was still possible to see that there were 3 Red Admirals basking on the ivy at platform 1.

The Butterfly Isles: A Summer in Search of our Emperors and Admirals by Patrick Barkham – review

They were put in a flutter when the non-stop GWR train raced through. As there's also a lot of ivy on the north side at my destination, Worthing, I crossed under to platform 1 where I counted 12 Red Admirals This was at about 4. None around when I caught the last train back at She was in Fairground Attraction which may mean more to anyone 20 years younger than me.

Off to the Bluebell railway with the granddaughter today so hopefully will be able to report some butterflies from there next.

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John Heys Perfect. Also, checking the nettles which were growing in the shelter of the south-facing walls of the car wash and tyre-fitting buildings on the seafront, I found them loaded with Red Admiral eggs.

The previous day 20th October there were similar numbers and species, but these included a mating pair of Clouded Yellows and a male Large White. There are also still numerous Large White larvae feeding on Sea Kale which is growing on the shingle. When I arrived at Southwick this morning the temperature was 11c. But this did not deter the Butterflies, with two Clouded Yellows found straight away, altogether six were seen. The real prize, however, was a very fresh and placid Painted Lady , that allowed close approach many times.

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Many Red Admirals were flying at high speed, except for a worn ab. No Common Blues were found today. Horsham are having a new ground built up there, but like Spurs's, it's not ready yet. In the third minute, this Speckled Wood landed at the side of the artificial pitch and as Val turned on her phone camera to get the picture, Horsham's first goal went in. She missed it, but at least I was able to describe it - an acrobatic own goal by Grinstead's number 6. Although he redeemed himself with an equaliser 3 minutes later, he ended on the losing side. Yesterday, 21 October, at Portslade Station's platform 1, on the ivy, a Red Admiral was out sunning itself at 8.

We did see a couple of whites up in London, but there's no sign of any butterflies in the sunshine in our garden to day, 22 October. I spotted this little one on a tree's leaf. Any idea what kind of caterpillar is it? A fabulous day for this time of year! Mark Bunch.