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But if You can do anything, have compassion on us and help us. But when he was still a great way off, his father saw him and had compassion, and ran and fell on his neck and kissed him. Lord God, You are my faithful heavenly Father. You keep all your promises and your covenant with me. Deuteronomy Thank you for Your daily provision in my life. Luke I can rejoice in the knowledge that You always supply all of my needs according to your riches in glory by Christ. Matthew I rejoice in the truth that You wish above all things that I would prosper and be in health, and that my soul would prosper too.

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I commit my way to You, and I trust in You, Psalm therefore, I know that You will bring everything I need in my life for my good. Romans I delight in You, Lord, my shepherd, and I know that Your goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Psalm By Constance A. It is a big comfort when you have enemies that are inlanws If your spouse dies they blame you for it. Even tho you are saved by grace. Mines went out of there way and screamed murder. But that is a lie.

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The 23rd and other scriptures is a big comfort when you walk thru the valley of the shadow of death. The Lord commands us to fear no evil, because he is with us. Wilbert I pray God will comfort you on every. The Lord will be with you. Like in the psalm His word and His presence will comfort you. The word of God applies in every situation and our great shepherd Jesus Christ will always take care of us. Sorry to hear you have to go through such a deep valley. May God lead you out and lift you up. But the graven images worshipped by the murderer are not crosses of Christ, nor are they GOD.

The Christ child, even the Son GOD raised again from the dead; teach true love, humility and severity of sin. The air is so crisp this morning- can't you see Then why let the darkness of pollution ruin the air you breath- Can't you see the heaviness of the smoke and debris swirling in the air you now breath.

Your body inside suffers daily. View All Discussusion for Psalms Chapter What Do You Think of Psalms 23? Share your own thoughts or commentary here Reflections on Psalms 23 is the love of Christ Jesus at work today, in the life of this cancer patient. It was for me, the heart of the Father reaching out to comfort, as I dealt with a hardship beyond my ability.

Spirit Tuesday: Writing your own Psalm 23.

Ken Curtis is a man acquainted with my suffering and who offered to share this place and time with me, like no one else had. It is an effort to express an understanding, and an offering to share the truth of God's Word as a quiet walk through David's beautiful song. The soothing message, "You are not alone," gave me strength to do battle even as I lay suffering. Beautiful scenery, calming music, and truth that stands eternal, moved me through confusion and fear, with faith. I prayed with it, meditated with it, cried with it, and with it I moved forward.

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Psalm 34 (Live)

I played it over and over again allowing the Lord to minister to me. It is a tender work of compassion filled with hope that I personally embraced.

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I knew I really liked them, but my groups are quite diverse--men, women, all ages, caregivers, various "levels" of belief, all kinds of cancers and stages of it--so I wasn't sure how everyone would respond. You have done it! I will be getting my webmaster to add them to my website and have been listing them on every list of resources I've been asked to make including the American Association of Christian Counselors and its new DVD series "Challenging Cancer" supposedly coming out any day now.

I'd like to see my church offer these DVDs as a quarterly adult class and know that they would bless people in any trial--whether cancer or not. I am beginning a spiritual support group for people with cancer. I ordered a copy of this DVD to possibly use during the group sessions. I am amazed at the insights each video session brings into the covered portions of the 23rd Psalm.

The script is very soothing and comforting I am teaching the last lesson on the Psalms 23 DVD tonight and it's been a wonderful journey with the ladies in our cancer support group. Your work has been great and I love the pdf files to help guide me. These are great tools to help those who are on the cancer journey.

I still get goosebumps when I say it. We prayed with her and it was amazing. I praise God for bringing her to our support group and being able to walk with her during this journey. The next step is to start the Lord's Prayer and next year we plan to do the Reflections on the Beatitudes and I can't wait. Then I'll start back with Psalms After watching this video I found that it confirms some insights I have gained from this Psalm also.

Although I am not a cancer patient, this video gave me the inspiration to search out people who need encouragement as they go through this difficult time. I do not want any public notoriety or recognition for sharing these videos with people who need to be reached. Thank you God for your goodness and kindness! I have long loved the 23rd Psalm but was given many new insights by watching this production. I have watched the full video and it is a very powerful reflective beautiful video. It is definitely worth owning even for people without cancer. I watched this beautiful reflection and fell in love with how the producers break down each verse, line by line.

This video contains gorgeous imagery and beautiful insight reflecting the great depths of God's love for us expressed through this Psalm. This video encouraged me that the LORD's provision in spite of circumstance is more magnified than my understanding or perception can imagine. I recommend this to anyone whether or not they are a cancer patient.


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Visual Parables, March Ever since he founded Vision Video as Gateway Films in those pre-video days , Ken Curtis has brought dozens and dozens of films to the church, but I suspect none have involved him as personally and passionately as this latest Vision Video release. The Christian Librarian - The 23rd Psalm, only words long, yet one of the most quoted and referred to passages of Scripture.