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Enter the arena teleporter and fight Yuuki. Follow the orange marker on your map and enter the dungeon.

Song of the Crow

Inside the dungeon, you have to break the correct color crystal in each of the 6 wings. The color of each crystal you need to destroy corresponds to the logo of the respective Legion. Afterwards, head to the the center of the dungeon to find an AW portal. Fight Yellow Radio to obtain the Yellow Orb. Proceed through the door with the marker to enter the 3nd area. The entrance is a redish-purple portal. Enter the dungeon and make your way through it takes a while but its linear so just keep moving forward.

The Story: A Song of Silver Crow

Press the blue crystal nearby to break the white wall down. Follow the orange marker on your map and talk to Santa again to start EP. Fight Purple Thorn to obtain the Purple Orb. Talk to Amelia in front of you.

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Fly up to the Temple. This is the nearest dungeon marker from the teleporter. Enter the Temple and activate the console. Ride the Windinator in front of you. Examine the stone tablet to the right of the huge stone door. Fly to the water filled island floating just to the North of the huge tree.

Sheryl Crow on Getting Her Due and Making One Last Album

Fight Bestia. Enter the huge stone door that has just opened underneath the big tree. Make your way through the dungeon and fight the Uzai Bat-Moth boss at the end of it. Enter the west dungeon inside the hole. Make your way through the dungeon and exit the purple portal on the other side of it. Go to the 3rd area. Enter the Temple located in the center of the map but slightly to the north. Activate the console to start to start EP.

Fight Hati. Enter the AW portal. Enter the hospital and fight Black Vise. That is the version used in the song "A Murder of One" by Counting Crows, and undoubtedly where they got their name.


Many other versions exist, from various regions. These below come from user Kerrie posted on surlalunefairytales. And there is this page within the oldwivestales group on Yahoo:. The practice of Augury has been around for centuries.

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The imprint was DC's home for mature tales that were often horror-themed or otherwise dark in nature. Bern Marcowitz warns against paperclips and other inappropriate page-savers, and offers a bit of advice on using and collecting bookmarks.

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