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Examples of how specific lifestyles and sleep habits can lead to insomnia are: You work at home in the evenings. This can make it hard to unwind, and it can also make you feel preoccupied when it comes time to sleep. The light from your computer could also make your brain more alert. You take naps even if they are short in the afternoon.

Short naps can be helpful for some people, but for others they make it difficult to fall asleep at night. You sometimes sleep in later to make up for lost sleep. This can confuse your body's clock and make it difficult to fall asleep again the following night.

You are a shift worker meaning that you work irregular hours. Non-traditional hours can confuse your body's clock, especially if you are trying to sleep during the day, or if your schedule changes periodically. If you can't sleep, review the following lifestyle factors to see if one or more could be affecting you: Alcohol is a sedative. Insomnia Landing Page. Related Articles. Insomnia is Treatable.

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You don't have to struggle with sleepless nights. Help is available! There are treatment options for insomnia, ranging from behavioral therapy to the use of prescription medication or a combination of the two. Talk to your healthcare professional if you Insomnia After Baby: Causes and Treatments. Taking care of an infant is tiring work, and falling asleep whenever the opportunity arises seems like it should be easy. Ironically, some new parents struggle to do just that, a potential sign of postnatal insomnia.

The condition may have a medical component or be related to depression, but sometimes insomnia can simply be the result of feeling overwhelmed, tense, The issue is more How Meditation Can Treat Insomnia.

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If insomnia is at the root of your sleepless nights, it may be worth trying meditation. The deep relaxation technique While factors like lifestyle and mental health can raise your risk for sleep disorders, so can something else: your race How to Conquer Insomnia. The right sleep habits can go a long way in helping you get the quality and quantity of sleep that How Medications May Affect Sleep. Doctors prescribe medications Eating —and drinking—for better sleep means more than just avoiding caffeine and heavy, heartburn-inducing foods at night.

Certain foods and The Best Exercises for Sleep. It was simply my time. Now the strange thing about this, is that worse things have happened to me before, so why did this hit me so hard? I believe because it was supposed to, for me to transform. I took everything much harder than I ever did before. Also, everything came crashing down at once. In the past, I was strong, and I kept my sense of self, of who I thought I was.

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But this time, my sense of self, who I thought I was, gave up. I stopped trying to be strong. I just collapsed. Yes, I remember it well. My entire life story collapsed overnight.

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My girlfriend of five years ran off with another man. And she lived across the street. So every morning I would look out the window to see his van, just to rub it in. I was alone. I tried to be in denial, grabbing straws as I was being dragged down into the abyss. My world around me collapsed, but so did my self-worth, self-esteem and my false ego. I felt unloved and abandoned. My life story shattered. I was left in this darkness for some time; four months. In that time, I was slowly being dismantled, as I had to face the hard cold facts. I had to be brutally honest with myself.

Eventually, I came to the point of realizing that I hated my broken body, I hated the world, I hated myself, and I really hated god. Yes, I was very angry at him. He abandoned me. I felt the entire world abandoned me. I threw out everything spiritual in my house. I was facing my darkness with brutal honesty. I sat with that for a while.

Imagine the despair of seeing what lies hidden behind your persona, behind the lies you tell yourself daily. And then a very powerful voice spoke to me. From where this voice came from, I do not know. So I thought about it. I realized that I was not accepting what was happening to me.

I was fighting it. I was trying to push away the suffering, but it was obviously not working. So I followed the message, and surrendered to the suffering, that which is. This continued for two weeks, right through Christmas. I felt so rejected, so abandoned, so alone. The pain of being stripped naked in the frigid cold, with no hope in sight. But I accepted what was happening. I was no longer trying to push it away.

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The suffering felt endless, yet I endured it. And then on the morning of January 1, , I woke up.

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Not to a new year, but a new life. The suffering was gone, all was forgiven, and I was at peace. A peace that I had never known before. That which I thought I was no longer existed. My false perception of Self vanished. I remember the singing of the birds, the sun entering through the window, and everything around me was seen in a new light — a light of awe and amazement. My mind had ceased its chatter, I was experiencing a very deep peace. And then it started — wave after wave of revelations, of deep knowings.

I began to awaken to who I Am. I became acutely aware that I Am eternal and sovereign. Each wave awakened me more to my deepest Self. Each wave also shattered the illusions and deceptions of the world. As I awakened, my eyes saw a very different world. All the pieces fell into place. Someday I will describe the many revelations that flooded over me. I have already written much about it. The largest wave came a couple of weeks into this. I was meditating, and I went so deep, following the river of life to the depths of my Being.

I was empty, but then from this emptiness, a powerful divine love sprang forth, inundating my entire mind and body. This love is unconditional. It spread out from me everywhere. All of the bugs, the lizards, the birds, the plants, the trees, everything was inundated with this love.

10 ‘STRANGEST’ Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening And Self-Discovery

I could not tell where I ended and the other Beings began. We were all intrinsically connected with this love; and yet my individual Self remained. I was not the bugs, the birds or the plants, but the connection was so deep, that I felt they were as if a part of me. There was simultaneously separation and no separation. It is not easy to describe, but this divine love is nothing like the love of this world.

But when you do awaken, and you do see the world with new eyes, you soon realize that no one else is seeing the same thing. I tried to tell a few people what had happened to me, but no one believed me. They thought that perhaps I cracked under the pressure of suffering and had gone crazy.